Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crochet Weave?

I came across this picture in Aging Successfully, Fall 2009 (Vol. XIX, No. 2) Newsletter.

For those of us who love needle work the article, Zola, is also a sweet read (p. 15-16).

I love the look of this simply beautiful stitch.

Does anyone know its name? How do you do it?

I am going to ask the author of the article, Barb Tackitt, if she knows any more about this stitch. I will keep you posted.

UPDATE: (2009-DEC-14) With help from other Crocheters on Ravelry I think we have a solution. This is a picture of a woven fabric. The needle artist is adding an sc crocheted edge. It feels good to have a solution, but I am so unhappy that it was not a crochet solution.

Other thoughts were, basketweave stitch, X-stitch, and Woven Stitch.