Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Question 17 0607

Goodness, I'm late! Sorry. Here it is this month's

(or Question 19, as the case may be)

Where can we find your favourite undiscovered* craft blogger?

(Please include the web address so we can discover them too.)

My answer: Hyldemor by Anni. She also has an older blog called the Knitting Adventuress (Technorati rank is 350,504)

* If pressed, I mean anything other than a super popular blog like the Yarn Harlot (Technorati rank is 316, one of the Top 500.)


sundara's yarn
I feel a wave of inspiration...
Here's a wish for its realization.

sundara's yarns are a favourite for sure!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Striped Tea Cosy

As promised, here are pictures of my completed Striped Tea Cosy.

I didn't like the pom-pon scale, nor how it perched on top of the cosy. Instead I attached modified Bachelor's Buttonhole. (as usual, click to enlarge each picture)

With pom pon

Striped Cosy with Pom-Pon (Emu, Pattern No. 6196), 8-cup teapot.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky: Earthy Brown & Canyon Variegated, 1 x 100 g ball each.

Needle: 6 mm Denise Interchangable

Modified Bachelor's ButtonBachelor's Buttonhole (modified), The Harmony Guides 300 Crochet Stitches, Volume 6, p. 72. I didn't make the stem and I used chunky and aran weight yarn to crochet this. I ran out of Paton's Shetland chunky and completed it with an aran weight yarn I had remaining from a previous project (You can see the colour difference).
With button

I like this robust embelishment to the tea cosy.

It is funny, the Bachelor's Button looks larger here than I perceive it to be in real life. Ah well, I like it either way. (The pom-pon looked smaller to me too; almost anemic.)

Granule Stitch

Close up of crocheted Hot Pad, in Granule Stitch, The Harmony Guides 300 Crochet Stitches, Volume 6, p. 36.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky: Canyon Variegated (remants)

The Hot Pad is slightly irregular (that's why I am not showing the single crochet stitch border) but I like the Granule stitch and I wanted to show it to you.

Garter Rib

You're right, this has nothing to do with tea! I couldn't resist showing you this. . . It is some of Noro Iro, Colourway # 44 that I knit in 2-Stitch Garter Ribs from The Harmony Guides 450 Knitting Stitches, Volume 2, p. 18. I really like it. However, I have changed to my own pattern and will be making a scarf (under the influence of Jared's brooklyntweed blog). The needles are 6.5 mm (horrid stuff, I have switched to Denise's Interchangeable Needles).

ETA: This scarf has become the Commuter Scarf!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking for Infinity Soysilk

Canadian Flag Preferably in Canada, eh! I am SO tired of paying duty. I went to the South West Trading Company's website to find Canadian LYS's that carry SWTC products. I emailed a few that are close by, have readily available contact information, or are of emotional significance to me. Here is my email message:

Dear [Yarn Store Name Here];

I would like to order Soysilk Infinity yarn in Natural. Do you have any in stock? What is your price?

Also, do you have Addi Circular Lace Needles (3.5 mm)?

As well, sometime in the future I am thinking of purchasing allhemp3. This yarn is from Lana Knits, a Canadian Company. Their website is http://www.lanaknits.com/canhome.html. Do you carry this yarn?

Thank you!

Ruth (in Ottawa)

Store (in the order contacted)

LocationResponse in 24 hrs.?Response
Wool N' ThingsOrleans ONYes

Infinity: They do not carry this yarn, but carry a soysilk Oasis - $15.50 (220 yards) & Pheonix - $15.50(160 yards)

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Does not carry. Has Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold that contains hemp ($5.95).

EffilochéMontréal PQYes

Infinity: Not in stock, but will check into getting some. They do have SWTC Pure, Karaoke, Gianna and Tofutsies.

ATLN: On back order as these needles have sold out and are currently in production.

LKA: Planning to order.

Ram WoolsWinnipeg MBYes

Infinity: Don't carry, but will look into carrying it in the future.

ATLN: In stock. $21.90 CND

LKA: Don't carry, but will look into carrying it in the future.

Unwind Yarn HouseNew Market ON


Fastest response

Infinity: Carries SWTC yarns but not this on. Is willing to order it for me and gave me a projected cost of $20 CND (I think this is reasonable).

ATLN: In stock. $22.00 CND

LKA: allhemp6 in stock, could readily get allhemp3 for me.

Spun Fibre ArtsBurlington ONNo

Infinity: Pending.

ATLN: Pending.

LKA: Pending.

Cross Stitch CupboardOttawa ONYes

Infinity: Do not carry.

ATLN: Do not carry.

LKA: Do not carry.

Note: Their store is moving this summer and they are attempting to keep their stock low before the move. They may consider carrying these items after the move.

Knit or KnotAurora ONNo

Infinity: Pending.

ATLN: Pending.

LKA: Pending.

Romni WoolsToronto ONYes

Infinity: Do not stock.

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Carry allhemp6 (DK weight) but not allhemp3

Knit-O-MaticToronto ONYes

Infinity: Not in stock.

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Have allhemp3 AND allhemp6 in stock.

Yarn Forward and Sew On*

Ottawa ON

Went in person

Infinity: Currently do not carry any SWTC yarn but will look into it for me.

ATLN: Are planning to get on their next Addi order. Will put one aside for me if I wish.

LKA: Do not carry. One of the employees is thought to have tried it but the outcome of her review is unknown. If she likes it, they will get it. (She is only there part time and not there on the day I strolled down.

SWTC = South West Trading Company; ATLN = Addi Turbo Lace Needles ; LKA = Lana Knits allhemp ; *My neighbourhood yarn store, they weren't on the SWTC list of stores carrying their products, I just went there because it's close by and I would love it if they would carry these products.
CDN line This post was inspired by:

  • Canadian Living: Guide to organic and eco-friendly yarns, Part 1: Organic wool, cotton, hemp, Part 2: Linen, soy silk and bamboo, plus our shopping guide, by Dayna Boyer.
  • Knitty.com: Hip in Hemp skirt pattern (knit in Hempathy, see Wool n'Things at the top of the table)
  • Wendy Bernard's Knit and Tonic Blog Entries: No-Excuse Knitting, and Can the Hemp be all that?

Edited To Add (ETA): Thank you Joanne, Sophie, Pauline and Chery! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness (dare I say kindness). Just so you know, I decided to go with Misti Alpaca Lace Weight in Natural from my LYS. But now I know, Crown Mountain Farms will ship worldwide (very good to know), and I have a few other places to check for this yarn in Canada. For stashing of course :o) !

Mystery Stole 3 Begins

Have you heard about the Mystery Stole 3?
It's a knit-a-long from designer Melanie Gibbons.
Membership opened June 8th and will close July 6th, 2007.
You can join by clicking here.

Melanie's previous Mystery stoles can be seen here (Leda's Dream, 2005) and here (Scheherazade, 2006). She also designed the Bristow Cardigan for Knitty.com.

This year's project has the option of including 8/0 seed beads. What a terrific idea! Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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Monday, June 11, 2007


Brown Betty Teapot

I love tea and I was lucky enough to get a Brown Betty Teapot! It makes such lovely tea. One thing though, it cools off if we take our time drinking it. The solution, of course, is to make a tea cosy. And I have done it (Emu, No. 6196 - Striped Cosy with Pom-Pon). My love is teasing me that I now have truly become an old fogey! I will take pictures soon. / I tried the pom-pon but did not like it. Instead I crocheted a modified Bachelor's Button. I also crocheted a hot pad for the bottom of the teapot. / The yarn I have used is Patons Shetland Chunky - Earthy Brown and Canyon Variegated from my stash. / I had purchased this yarn for another Pick-up Diamond Helmet, Knitter's Magazine K77, Winter 2004, p. 46 (the one pictured here is also knit with Patons Shetland Chunky) but to make the tea cosy instead.

Shetland Chunky, Earthy BrownShetland Chunky, Canyon Variegated
Pick-up Diamond Helmet
Reversible Cable Knit ScarfI am also doing more work on my Reversible Cable Knit Scarf. I am loving it. (Sorry, this is an old photo.)
Catalina ShawlI have started the Catalina Shawl with Fiddlesticks Garnet Lace yarn. It is 50% silk and 50% merino wool. This is my first lace project and there has been a steep learning curve. I think I have had to rip out at least 5 times! I am making headway now. Pictures are coming.
Eva 8 plyAfter seeing Jared's zeebee and garter stitch scarf I knew I had to make one too. (see his entries for 5.29.2007 and 6.07.2007) I am making my own with Dee's Posh Yarn, Eva 8 ply cashmere & silk in Love is... colourway. Truly luscious!
Lady Godiva, RenaissanceAnd I have added another project to my list (the only one I will admit to today). I want to make a Clapotis wrap in Hand Maiden fine yarn, Lady Godiva, Renaissance Colourway. I bought this yarn from an American shop (lovely to do business with them) and had to pay duty when it arrived (ouch). And it burned all the more when I found out that Hand Maiden fine yarn is hand dyed in Canada!

I have not touched my Autumn Afternoons Cardigan since March...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hip Hats

Title: Get Your Crochet On: Hip Hats & Cool Caps
Author: Afya Ibomu
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Taunton (Nov 7, 2006)
ISBN-10: 1561588504
ISBN-13: 978-1561588503

Given my love of crocheting hats I knew I had to get this book when I saw it on the CraftSanity Blog here. I wasn't disappointed! It is appealing from the very start. Although a paperback, the paper weight is substantial. The cover is pre-folded 1/4" from the spine to help keep the book open without hands - a good design element for a pattern book. It is a colourful book with wonderful pictures and an easy to read style. The Getting Started section is targeted to the beginner. Afya has created the best set of crochet instructions I have seen. She has full colour pictures and diagrams to illustrate all the key points and step-by-step instructions. The diagrams are large and easy to understand. The "Making a Bib" (also called a bill) section is terrific; I haven't found this information elsewhere. Afya offers instructions for both a smaller or larger bib that can be added to many of her designs.

The 20 original designs are terrific. I think my favourites are The MC (Master of Ceremonies Rap Artist) a classic baseball cap, Queen (see picture), Kinky Reggae (this pattern is available for free on the CraftSanity Blog); Soon Come (similar to a newsboy-style cap), O.G. (Original gangsta) fedora type, Soldier (see picture), and Superfly. There are a few designs that are made to accommodate dreads. The patterns are clearly written. The only problem is that there are no measurements available for each finished project. The patterns either are for one-size or have small, medium and large adjustments.

All in all, this book is a very welcome addition to my crochet library. All my other crochet hat books have only caucasian models and many of the designs are downright hilarious. I think the beginner to the advanced crocheter would enjoy and use this book. Thank you Afya for publishing your work!

Getting StartedMaking a Bib

Monday, June 4, 2007

Spinning considered

After reading this Yarn Harlot post I now want to spin. Don't tell anyone - my passion for yarn, crochet and knitting already have those close to me worried.

What, more yarn?!

Do you need more yarn?

Yes, yes, lovely, but shouldn't you (fill in the blank) first?

My proclivities are hard to explain to those not besotted with yarn. I suppose, if I stop to think about it, I too am puzzled about why they aren't more interested. Anyway, I have a two bumps of, pre-dyed, Corriedale Wool on their way to me. Apparently corriedale fibers are generally long and therefore a good choice for me, an absolute beginner.
I already have a spindle (well actually more than one) from Ma & Pa's Spindles. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Watermelon Hat

Sandia, by Sarah-Hope Parmeter
Have you seen the latest issue of MagKnits (June 2007)? This little hat is so cute. And with my hat obsession I may just have to knit it up! Check out this issue of MagKnits here.

ETA (2009-NOV-10): Unfortunately MagKnits is no more. However, if you are looking for Sarah-Hope's pattern, she has posted it on her blog at http://www.whatifknits.com/. Click HERE for the pattern. Hip-hip-hooray!

Just in time for summer

Hunter V-neck Sweater - DONE!

This pattern is my modification of the Rowan Knitting Magazine, Number 29, page 70 sweater designed by Kim Hargraves. It is a loose fitting sweater, finger-tip length, with modified drop sleeves. All finished edges are rolled (body, cuff, and V-neck). It measures 56" across the chest. It required 19 skeins (50 gm) of Cotton Classic by Tahki (Royal Blue 3870) to complete.

This sweater relatively heavy and I want to strengthen the shoulder seams. I will wash it and then stitch reinforcing bands to the wrong side of the shoulder seams.

Now that is a lot of stocking stitch!

Edited to Add (ETA): Brat asked if this was the true colour. I am happy to say this exactly the correct colour - at least on my monitor!

June 4th: The sweater has washed up beautifully and I have decided to forgo the reinforced shoulder seams. So now, it truly is done!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Wild Flowers

Lotus Pinnatus, Nanaimo BC CANADA

White Fawn Lily, Nanaimo BC CANADA

These pictures are courtesy of my parents. They are avid hikers (I call them mountain goats!) and enjoy taking pictures of the wild flowers they find. The Lotus pinnatous is an endangered species. Enjoy!