Saturday, November 17, 2007

Question 17, 1007 Winners

Thanks to all who entered the last Question 17.

The 3 winners are:

  1. Hannah
  2. Michelle
  3. Lizzie

I have emailed these people and will wait 7 days for their response. In the unlikely event that I don't hear from one of the winners, I will run the random number generator again and pick another entrant.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Question 17 1007

This will be the LAST Question 17...

Tell me about your favourite sock yarn?

My parents came to visit a few weeks ago and my father had on a lovely pair of handknit socks. They had subtle earthy tones and were extremely soft. I had never seen a sock yarn like this before. My mother said the yarn contained aloe vera and jojoba oil. Unfortunately she didn't know the type of yarn.

I figured it out! It is Austermann Step Sock Yarn. I especially like the earth tones of colour number 12.

Special notice: This month I will be picking three entries, at random, each one to receive one ball/skein of sock yarn* (enough to make a pair of adult sized socks). The prize winner will be chosen on November 16th, 2007. If you would like to be included in the draw please send me your email address to fingersfancy at inbox dot com once you have posted your submission to the comments section of this post.
*1 each of Step Yarn, Opal Yarn, and Posh Yarn Emily Sock Yarn.
ETA: If you wish to email me, please put "[FF]" in the subject line (without the quotes). Otherwise your email will be lost.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Socks of Love (1)

Here is one of the pair of socks that I knit up for my grandmother. She has a green thumb and loves roses. I chose this colourway because it reminds me of a rose garden. I thinks socks look best on feet! But my feet are larger than my grandmother's and the socks didn't fit. Don't you like my hand crafted sock board? I made it just to post pictures of these socks. What a good reuse of a shipping box!

Pattern: Calla Lily Socks

Designer: Sandara Murphy of Sundara Yarn

Yarn: Seacoast Handpainted Panda Yarn (400 yds per skein)

Contents: 60 % superwash merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon

Colourway: Strawberry Patch

Needles: 2. 75 mm (2 US) DPN

Tension: 28-32 stitches per 10 cm (4")

This yarn is lovely in every respect. It is very soft and has a sweet sheen. It was a pure joy to knit up. And there was plenty of yarn for this and a child's pairs of socks.

I made some modifications to the pattern because I wanted it to be able to stretch & cling depending on the state of my grandmother's ankles. I increased the number of stitches to start and then decreased gradually to the number indicated by Sundara. I also added a set of ribs on both sides of the front section of the sock for more elasticity. The simple lace pattern was fun to knit and I like the result (see below). Sundara is great for details like the reverse stocking stitch that carries from the cuff down the bottom of the heel.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Love & Hand Knit Socks

This post is without pictures :o(

My computer is feeling very low these days and will not boot up (hard drive failure I am afraid). So a lot of my spare time will be spent trying to raise her spirits. That means I won't be posting as much as I would like. Wish me luck!

My next series of posts is about hand knit socks made for those I love.

I get immense satisfaction choosing the pattern, considering the size, picking the yarn, and knitting up a pair for those I love. This gesture epitomizes sweet, abiding, true love.

Hand knit socks are love: often taken for granted (until they fail and you are left with a painful blister), intimate (would you knit a pair for the Queen?) and constant through difficult times (i.e., puddles, and snow banks). There is nothing quite so tender as a warm pair of socks snuggling your cold toes on a stormy night. If you listen closely you'll hear their wee sock whispers, "See how much you are loved! The knitter cares for you so much that s/he has made us for you!"

Hand knit socks say "I love you" so very well.

When my computer up and running again I will share some pictures of my sock affairs.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Question 17 0907

It is that time of month again! Time for question 17 of course! (what else could you be thinking?!). Here it is...

What is your current favourite yarn? Why?

This is hard for me, I have so many favourites! For now I have narrowed it down to two choices:

Eva 8 ply (Aran weight, 55% silk / 45% cashmere yarn. Each skein is 55 g / 100 yards) in colourway "Love is..." by Posh Yarn. It is such a tactile treat. If I could use only one word to describe it, it would be sumptuous. I am completing a project using this yarn and will post it in the next few weeks.

Now I can't resist posting a second yarn. Panda Sock Yarn (60 % super wash merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon, 400 yds per skein, 7 sts=1") in colourway Strawberry patch by Seacoast Handpainted Yarns. The yarn is super soft and has a wonderful sheen. I made a lovely pair of Sundara Murphy's Calla Lily socks for my Grandmother in this yarn. I will post these socks next week.

Winner chosen for Q17 0807

Thank you all for making last month's Q17 such a success! I enjoyed checking out each designer. (You can check them out too by clicking here.)

Of those who entered the contest, Martha (chosen by a random number generator) wins the Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather fingering yarn in Highland Mist. Thanks for your winning submission Martha!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Commuter Scarf Pattern

A. K. A., Diagonal Garter Scarf

I have done it - the pattern for the Commuter Scarf is completed!

If you would like a copy please click here to download. This pattern is free for individual use. If you decide to make this scarf (or just look at the pattern) I would truly appreciate your feedback.

Knit on!

DGS - Noro Iro # 44 (1)DGS - Noro Iro #44 (3)Diagonal Garter Scarf - roll

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Diagonal Garter Scarf (1)


Here is my Diagonal Garter Scarf, inspired by Jared's Iro scarf (see Brooklyn Tweed). It is a snap to knit up and so much fun. I figured out the pattern all by myself (big grin) and will share it with you next weekend with my very own first pdf pattern!

In the meantime you can check out my other pictures of this project by clicking the one above.

If you are thinking this would be a fun fall knit (and make a terrific holiday present) you can purchase 2 skeins of Noro Iro and check back next week.

Note: Little Knits has a terrific price on Noro Iro. You can pick your's up here.
ETA: This scarf is now named the Commuter Scarf

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Campanula for the Cure

Here is a terrific idea: raising money for the fight against breast cancer by knitting!

All you have to do is send a donation (of any size) and Ramona of Campanula for the Cure and she will send you a pattern for these lovely socks.

Check out her website for more details. So far she has raised $3900!

We're cheering for your Ramona!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

zeebee photos

zeebee crown

short rows
garter stitch
Pattern: zeebee beanie
Designer: schmeebot
Yarn: Posh Yarn's "Love is..." colourway, in Eva 8 ply (aran weight) 45% cashmere, 55% silk
Needles: 4.5 mm
Techniques: provisional cast on, garter stitch, short row shaping, garter stitch grafting
More pictures: click here

Saturday, August 25, 2007

zeebee beanie

My zeebee beanie is finally done. I finished the knitting part at my usual pace and had fun with the short row technique. The construction of the hat is fun to watch develop as you knit. I also like the look of the completed crown. But I took weeks to get up the nerve to graft it together. If you read schmeebot's instructions on finishing this may make sense to you too. For me, I start quivering when I read, "should you stumble and mess up the last stitch." It doesn't much matter what comes next because all I feel is fear. My head knows this is silly. I mean, making a mistake while knitting will have very little lasting effect on my world. In fact I can always frog away and try again. Yes, my head knows this, but for my heart it's different.

If you are thinking of making a zeebee too, let me tell you, my heart was wrong! The finishing was fine, not perfect, but fine. schmeebot's writing assumes you are a knitting neophyte and therefore goes into great detail.

It is true, however, I had never done a garter stitch graft/Kitchener stitch. Now that took me some time to figure out. I started with the reverse stockinette graft two times before I finally figured out how to do do a garter graft/Kitchener Stitch.

I thought I would share my findings with you so that you too can do a reverse stockinette, AND garter graft/Kitchener Stitch! First I have embedded a YouTube video of the stockinette graft/Kitchener Stitch (for those of you struggling to teach yourself this stitch). For those who are already comfortable with this stitch scroll down to my table the shows you the differences between the graft stitches.

Grafting / Kitchener Stitch Table

TypePrep stitchesFront Needle (1st)Back Needle (2nd)

StockinetteF - S1: aitP*on; B - S1: aitK*onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP onS1: aitP off; S2: aitK on

Reverse stockinetteF - S1: aitK on; B - S1: aitP onS1: aitP off; S2: aitK onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP on

Garter**F - S1: aitP on; B - S1: aitP onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP on

F = front needle; B = back needle; *aitP = as if to purl; *aitK = as if to knit; ** For this to work, ensure purl bumps are snug up against the front needle, and knit stitches are against the back needle.

Repeat as needed!

Picture of my zeebee beanie to follow. This beanie is supposed to be for me, but it doesn't suit my large melon head! So this zeebee will have a very limited life. But I am certain there will be other zeebee's in my future!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vintage Mesh Bag

Pattern: Mesh Bag

Source: Gifts and Accessories by Beehive, Book 90. Pattern, p. 20.

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy (dk), Rose 006, Turquoise 008

Content: 41% Cotton, 34% Hemp, 25% Modal

Balls: 50 gm, 160 m (I used 2 and a bit to complete this)

Crochet hook: 3.5 mm (US E, US 4)

I finally made this bag. I have wanted to make it for years. I like how it folds down to fit into its own carrying clutch. My version is one row short on the mesh, but it was getting so large I knew it was time to stop.

I hope to give these colourful bags as gifts. They are sure to help reduce the use of a few plastic bags, and do so in style!

I plan to modify this pattern to use one ball of Hempathy. I am not sure it can be done. If successful, the finished pattern will be posted here. In the mean time you can download the vintage pattern. I believe Gifts and Accessories by Beehive, Book 90 is now in the public domain and therefore I can share. If I find out differently I will remove this link immediately.

Download the pattern for this mesh bag (pdf).

Designers List from Q17 0807

I am enjoying looking up the designers you posted in Quesiton 17 0807. I thought I would share the links with you too. Enjoy surfing!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Question 17 0807

Who is your current favourite designer?

My favourite these days is Hanne Falkenberg of Denmark. I appreciate her use of colour and texture. Some of her work looks so tailored. Take a peak at her Tweedie (below).

Special notice: This month I will be picking one entry, at random, to receive 2 hanks of Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather fingering yarn in Highland Mist (enough to make a large pair of socks). The prize winner will be chosen on Sunday, September 16th, 2007. If you would like to be included in the draw please send me your email address to fingersfancy at inbox dot com once you have posted your submission to the comments section of this post.
ETA: If you wish to email me, please put "[FF]" in the subject line (without the quotes). Otherwise your email will be lost.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Favourite Socks

Here are the re-footed socks I promised to show you.

I believe these are the first socks I knit. And now they are the first socks that I have repaired by replacing the feet.

Yes, the colours are not the same. I used remnant yarn - one is cream and the other is white. I used two strands of fingering weight yarn.

They fit my love perfectly and are certainly unique. They will continue to be a terrific pair of boot socks.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

On Catalina

You may want to check out my post on the Catalina KAL.

It took SO long without my usual setup.

My favourite socks are up next... I just have to crop the picture and post.

See you soon! :o)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Still here

I must apologize. It has been a long time since I have posted anything to this blog. But don't give up on me. I have a bunch of stuff to post and plan to be doing so soon.

It is just that my computer died. Heat stroke I think. The other day I went to turn it on and it didn't make a sound. No familiar click or whir. Just silence and an acrid smell. I am taking her in to the computer hospital and hope to up an blogging soon. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Question 17 0707

Time for this month's...

I am becoming obsessed with knitting socks (it comes in waves), so my question this month is -

What is your favourite sock pattern
[pair or singleton if you have Single Sock Syndrome (SSS)]
you have ever knit or crocheted?

My favourite is the first (I believe) pair of socks I ever knit. I was frightened because I had heard that turning a heel was very hard. They are called Socks in heavier weight wool (sounded perfect for the beginner) from Gifts and Accessories by Beehive, Book 90. This book was orginally owned by my Great Grandmother. Making things from this book makes me feel closer to my roots. Fortunately these socks are so well loved that they had worn out in a few places. I am currently remaking the feet and enjoying the memories! (See the picture on the right; C - the 3rd pair from the left top corner.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pattern a Day Contest

Here is another contest to consider for your patterns - the Pattern a Day Calendars.

The contest rules are:

  1. Entries must be received by December 15, 2007, 10:00 pm EST.
  2. Entries must include an image and the completed form.
  3. Entries must not include images that infringe upon someone else's copyright, trademark, or license.
  4. To be eligible to win a prize, the participant must be over the age of 18 and must not, in any way, be affiliated with Accord Publishing or Ripley Designs, Inc.

And there is prize money to be won too! You can submit as many patterns as you like.

Another good reason to submit; you get a free copy of the calendar that you submit your pattern too (selected for publication or not!). Submit to both and get TWO calendars!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TOFUtsies Socks

Here we have a completed pair of socks made with TOFUtsies (toe-foot-sies) yarn in No. 719, Best Foot Forward.
Content: 50% Superwash Wool, 25% SOYSILK brand fiber, 22.5%, Cotton, 2.5% Chitin (made from shrimp and crab shells!)
Tension: 8 sts = 1"
Needles: 2.75 mm (US 2)
425 m / 100 g ball (makes a pair of socks with lots to spare)
Care: machine wash and dry
Pattern: Priscilla's Dream Socks (click for the PDF)
Also found in Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave (ISBN: 1596680326)
I came across the TOFUtsies in one of my favourite LYS Wool n'Things. Gisèle had a knitted sock sample and I couldn't believe how soft and supple it felt. Of course I had to buy a ball and make a pair.
I enjoyed the knitting experience but there are few things I will do differently in the future.
  • My tension was the same as the label, however, I think that this yarn would be better on slightly smaller needles for a sturdier end result.
  • I followed the pattern's yo technique for the short row heel and toe - next time I will try the Knit Encroachment and Purl Encroachment stitches for the short rows for a tidier, sturdier miter.
  • I bound off using the zig-zag technique from the pattern. I found it difficult to complete this bind-off neatly. The limited elasticity of the yarn contributed to this problem, but I am not too fond the resultant ridge. I redid the right toe because I was so unhappy with the result (the picture is of my first attempt). Next time I will definitely graft the toe to the foot (Kitchener Stitch).

I also wonder how this yarn will wear. Only time will tell.

(I have a number of other projects completed or nearly done, so check back later this week for more updates.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Question 17 0607

Goodness, I'm late! Sorry. Here it is this month's

(or Question 19, as the case may be)

Where can we find your favourite undiscovered* craft blogger?

(Please include the web address so we can discover them too.)

My answer: Hyldemor by Anni. She also has an older blog called the Knitting Adventuress (Technorati rank is 350,504)

* If pressed, I mean anything other than a super popular blog like the Yarn Harlot (Technorati rank is 316, one of the Top 500.)


sundara's yarn
I feel a wave of inspiration...
Here's a wish for its realization.

sundara's yarns are a favourite for sure!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Striped Tea Cosy

As promised, here are pictures of my completed Striped Tea Cosy.

I didn't like the pom-pon scale, nor how it perched on top of the cosy. Instead I attached modified Bachelor's Buttonhole. (as usual, click to enlarge each picture)

With pom pon

Striped Cosy with Pom-Pon (Emu, Pattern No. 6196), 8-cup teapot.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky: Earthy Brown & Canyon Variegated, 1 x 100 g ball each.

Needle: 6 mm Denise Interchangable

Modified Bachelor's ButtonBachelor's Buttonhole (modified), The Harmony Guides 300 Crochet Stitches, Volume 6, p. 72. I didn't make the stem and I used chunky and aran weight yarn to crochet this. I ran out of Paton's Shetland chunky and completed it with an aran weight yarn I had remaining from a previous project (You can see the colour difference).
With button

I like this robust embelishment to the tea cosy.

It is funny, the Bachelor's Button looks larger here than I perceive it to be in real life. Ah well, I like it either way. (The pom-pon looked smaller to me too; almost anemic.)

Granule Stitch

Close up of crocheted Hot Pad, in Granule Stitch, The Harmony Guides 300 Crochet Stitches, Volume 6, p. 36.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky: Canyon Variegated (remants)

The Hot Pad is slightly irregular (that's why I am not showing the single crochet stitch border) but I like the Granule stitch and I wanted to show it to you.

Garter Rib

You're right, this has nothing to do with tea! I couldn't resist showing you this. . . It is some of Noro Iro, Colourway # 44 that I knit in 2-Stitch Garter Ribs from The Harmony Guides 450 Knitting Stitches, Volume 2, p. 18. I really like it. However, I have changed to my own pattern and will be making a scarf (under the influence of Jared's brooklyntweed blog). The needles are 6.5 mm (horrid stuff, I have switched to Denise's Interchangeable Needles).

ETA: This scarf has become the Commuter Scarf!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking for Infinity Soysilk

Canadian Flag Preferably in Canada, eh! I am SO tired of paying duty. I went to the South West Trading Company's website to find Canadian LYS's that carry SWTC products. I emailed a few that are close by, have readily available contact information, or are of emotional significance to me. Here is my email message:

Dear [Yarn Store Name Here];

I would like to order Soysilk Infinity yarn in Natural. Do you have any in stock? What is your price?

Also, do you have Addi Circular Lace Needles (3.5 mm)?

As well, sometime in the future I am thinking of purchasing allhemp3. This yarn is from Lana Knits, a Canadian Company. Their website is Do you carry this yarn?

Thank you!

Ruth (in Ottawa)

Store (in the order contacted)

LocationResponse in 24 hrs.?Response
Wool N' ThingsOrleans ONYes

Infinity: They do not carry this yarn, but carry a soysilk Oasis - $15.50 (220 yards) & Pheonix - $15.50(160 yards)

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Does not carry. Has Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold that contains hemp ($5.95).

EffilochéMontréal PQYes

Infinity: Not in stock, but will check into getting some. They do have SWTC Pure, Karaoke, Gianna and Tofutsies.

ATLN: On back order as these needles have sold out and are currently in production.

LKA: Planning to order.

Ram WoolsWinnipeg MBYes

Infinity: Don't carry, but will look into carrying it in the future.

ATLN: In stock. $21.90 CND

LKA: Don't carry, but will look into carrying it in the future.

Unwind Yarn HouseNew Market ON


Fastest response

Infinity: Carries SWTC yarns but not this on. Is willing to order it for me and gave me a projected cost of $20 CND (I think this is reasonable).

ATLN: In stock. $22.00 CND

LKA: allhemp6 in stock, could readily get allhemp3 for me.

Spun Fibre ArtsBurlington ONNo

Infinity: Pending.

ATLN: Pending.

LKA: Pending.

Cross Stitch CupboardOttawa ONYes

Infinity: Do not carry.

ATLN: Do not carry.

LKA: Do not carry.

Note: Their store is moving this summer and they are attempting to keep their stock low before the move. They may consider carrying these items after the move.

Knit or KnotAurora ONNo

Infinity: Pending.

ATLN: Pending.

LKA: Pending.

Romni WoolsToronto ONYes

Infinity: Do not stock.

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Carry allhemp6 (DK weight) but not allhemp3

Knit-O-MaticToronto ONYes

Infinity: Not in stock.

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Have allhemp3 AND allhemp6 in stock.

Yarn Forward and Sew On*

Ottawa ON

Went in person

Infinity: Currently do not carry any SWTC yarn but will look into it for me.

ATLN: Are planning to get on their next Addi order. Will put one aside for me if I wish.

LKA: Do not carry. One of the employees is thought to have tried it but the outcome of her review is unknown. If she likes it, they will get it. (She is only there part time and not there on the day I strolled down.

SWTC = South West Trading Company; ATLN = Addi Turbo Lace Needles ; LKA = Lana Knits allhemp ; *My neighbourhood yarn store, they weren't on the SWTC list of stores carrying their products, I just went there because it's close by and I would love it if they would carry these products.
CDN line This post was inspired by:

  • Canadian Living: Guide to organic and eco-friendly yarns, Part 1: Organic wool, cotton, hemp, Part 2: Linen, soy silk and bamboo, plus our shopping guide, by Dayna Boyer.
  • Hip in Hemp skirt pattern (knit in Hempathy, see Wool n'Things at the top of the table)
  • Wendy Bernard's Knit and Tonic Blog Entries: No-Excuse Knitting, and Can the Hemp be all that?

Edited To Add (ETA): Thank you Joanne, Sophie, Pauline and Chery! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness (dare I say kindness). Just so you know, I decided to go with Misti Alpaca Lace Weight in Natural from my LYS. But now I know, Crown Mountain Farms will ship worldwide (very good to know), and I have a few other places to check for this yarn in Canada. For stashing of course :o) !

Mystery Stole 3 Begins

Have you heard about the Mystery Stole 3?
It's a knit-a-long from designer Melanie Gibbons.
Membership opened June 8th and will close July 6th, 2007.
You can join by clicking here.

Melanie's previous Mystery stoles can be seen here (Leda's Dream, 2005) and here (Scheherazade, 2006). She also designed the Bristow Cardigan for

This year's project has the option of including 8/0 seed beads. What a terrific idea! Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Subscribe to mysterystole3
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Monday, June 11, 2007


Brown Betty Teapot

I love tea and I was lucky enough to get a Brown Betty Teapot! It makes such lovely tea. One thing though, it cools off if we take our time drinking it. The solution, of course, is to make a tea cosy. And I have done it (Emu, No. 6196 - Striped Cosy with Pom-Pon). My love is teasing me that I now have truly become an old fogey! I will take pictures soon. / I tried the pom-pon but did not like it. Instead I crocheted a modified Bachelor's Button. I also crocheted a hot pad for the bottom of the teapot. / The yarn I have used is Patons Shetland Chunky - Earthy Brown and Canyon Variegated from my stash. / I had purchased this yarn for another Pick-up Diamond Helmet, Knitter's Magazine K77, Winter 2004, p. 46 (the one pictured here is also knit with Patons Shetland Chunky) but to make the tea cosy instead.

Shetland Chunky, Earthy BrownShetland Chunky, Canyon Variegated
Pick-up Diamond Helmet
Reversible Cable Knit ScarfI am also doing more work on my Reversible Cable Knit Scarf. I am loving it. (Sorry, this is an old photo.)
Catalina ShawlI have started the Catalina Shawl with Fiddlesticks Garnet Lace yarn. It is 50% silk and 50% merino wool. This is my first lace project and there has been a steep learning curve. I think I have had to rip out at least 5 times! I am making headway now. Pictures are coming.
Eva 8 plyAfter seeing Jared's zeebee and garter stitch scarf I knew I had to make one too. (see his entries for 5.29.2007 and 6.07.2007) I am making my own with Dee's Posh Yarn, Eva 8 ply cashmere & silk in Love is... colourway. Truly luscious!
Lady Godiva, RenaissanceAnd I have added another project to my list (the only one I will admit to today). I want to make a Clapotis wrap in Hand Maiden fine yarn, Lady Godiva, Renaissance Colourway. I bought this yarn from an American shop (lovely to do business with them) and had to pay duty when it arrived (ouch). And it burned all the more when I found out that Hand Maiden fine yarn is hand dyed in Canada!

I have not touched my Autumn Afternoons Cardigan since March...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hip Hats

Title: Get Your Crochet On: Hip Hats & Cool Caps
Author: Afya Ibomu
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Taunton (Nov 7, 2006)
ISBN-10: 1561588504
ISBN-13: 978-1561588503

Given my love of crocheting hats I knew I had to get this book when I saw it on the CraftSanity Blog here. I wasn't disappointed! It is appealing from the very start. Although a paperback, the paper weight is substantial. The cover is pre-folded 1/4" from the spine to help keep the book open without hands - a good design element for a pattern book. It is a colourful book with wonderful pictures and an easy to read style. The Getting Started section is targeted to the beginner. Afya has created the best set of crochet instructions I have seen. She has full colour pictures and diagrams to illustrate all the key points and step-by-step instructions. The diagrams are large and easy to understand. The "Making a Bib" (also called a bill) section is terrific; I haven't found this information elsewhere. Afya offers instructions for both a smaller or larger bib that can be added to many of her designs.

The 20 original designs are terrific. I think my favourites are The MC (Master of Ceremonies Rap Artist) a classic baseball cap, Queen (see picture), Kinky Reggae (this pattern is available for free on the CraftSanity Blog); Soon Come (similar to a newsboy-style cap), O.G. (Original gangsta) fedora type, Soldier (see picture), and Superfly. There are a few designs that are made to accommodate dreads. The patterns are clearly written. The only problem is that there are no measurements available for each finished project. The patterns either are for one-size or have small, medium and large adjustments.

All in all, this book is a very welcome addition to my crochet library. All my other crochet hat books have only caucasian models and many of the designs are downright hilarious. I think the beginner to the advanced crocheter would enjoy and use this book. Thank you Afya for publishing your work!

Getting StartedMaking a Bib