Saturday, August 25, 2007

zeebee beanie

My zeebee beanie is finally done. I finished the knitting part at my usual pace and had fun with the short row technique. The construction of the hat is fun to watch develop as you knit. I also like the look of the completed crown. But I took weeks to get up the nerve to graft it together. If you read schmeebot's instructions on finishing this may make sense to you too. For me, I start quivering when I read, "should you stumble and mess up the last stitch." It doesn't much matter what comes next because all I feel is fear. My head knows this is silly. I mean, making a mistake while knitting will have very little lasting effect on my world. In fact I can always frog away and try again. Yes, my head knows this, but for my heart it's different.

If you are thinking of making a zeebee too, let me tell you, my heart was wrong! The finishing was fine, not perfect, but fine. schmeebot's writing assumes you are a knitting neophyte and therefore goes into great detail.

It is true, however, I had never done a garter stitch graft/Kitchener stitch. Now that took me some time to figure out. I started with the reverse stockinette graft two times before I finally figured out how to do do a garter graft/Kitchener Stitch.

I thought I would share my findings with you so that you too can do a reverse stockinette, AND garter graft/Kitchener Stitch! First I have embedded a YouTube video of the stockinette graft/Kitchener Stitch (for those of you struggling to teach yourself this stitch). For those who are already comfortable with this stitch scroll down to my table the shows you the differences between the graft stitches.

Grafting / Kitchener Stitch Table

TypePrep stitchesFront Needle (1st)Back Needle (2nd)

StockinetteF - S1: aitP*on; B - S1: aitK*onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP onS1: aitP off; S2: aitK on

Reverse stockinetteF - S1: aitK on; B - S1: aitP onS1: aitP off; S2: aitK onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP on

Garter**F - S1: aitP on; B - S1: aitP onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP onS1: aitK off; S2: aitP on

F = front needle; B = back needle; *aitP = as if to purl; *aitK = as if to knit; ** For this to work, ensure purl bumps are snug up against the front needle, and knit stitches are against the back needle.

Repeat as needed!

Picture of my zeebee beanie to follow. This beanie is supposed to be for me, but it doesn't suit my large melon head! So this zeebee will have a very limited life. But I am certain there will be other zeebee's in my future!

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pepime said...

your instructions for Kitchener technique in reverse stockinette have been extremely useful. Thank you very much!!