Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sock Monkey Memory

Sock Monkey Face - circa 1960

As a child I did not have an attachment to any particular toy except for my Great Aunt Win's Sock Monkey. This Sock Monkey lived at her place and I played with it every time we visited. I loved its hat, ears, limbs and tail. There is a picture of me, before memory, dragging it along by its arm. I am not sure what the attraction was but I have remember that monkey to this day. Before getting these pictures I spent more than a few spare moments looking at Sock Monkeys on line trying to remember what this one looked like. Well, my Great Aunt's daughter found him and took these pictures for me. He has suffered over the years, but it is so nice to see him again.

Sock Monkey Body - circa 1960

Here we have a full body shot. He used to have pompoms on all of his limbs and his tail. I remember his hat and ears very clearly.

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