Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet Red


Welcome the newest member of the Sock Monkey Family - Red. He's a handsome, cheery fellow dressed in a fisherperson's hat and sweater with knitted boots besides. As you can see, there is a kinship with my fondly remembered sock monkey (How do you like the loop ears?)


The sweater was knit in the round and I made my first steeks for the arm holes. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Zimmermann and her instructions! The turtle neck is smaller than sock body to give Red the appearance of an neck. The boots (a basic sock pattern) are stuffed and sewn on the legs. I didn't like the look of a footless monkey.


Here he is checking out the dust bunnies between the wall and the head of the bed. I love his tail. My first tail attempt was horrible! I followed the instructions that come with the Fox River Red Heel Socks. It was way too short and too thick. This version is using nearly the full length of the sock and only a quarter of the width. I wasn't too sure where to attach the tail. Now I think it looks best above the red bottom.


Anonymous said...

We love the sock monkey! He lives in our living room and gets appreciated by all of our guests!

Ruth said...

So cool. Thanks Karen!
ox ox