Monday, March 26, 2007

long overdue

I am working on an afghan for my brother and sister-in-law. I had started working on an afghan before their marriage (it was to be a wedding present) but only got 1/4 completed before I saw that my tension had changed as I had progressed. The beautiful jewel tone afghan was lopsided. I gave up. In my non-craft period I gave away all of the beautiful yarn (wool mohair blend) along with the lopsided "throw."

They have been together for 2 decades and I thought I would finally make them an afghan. This one is not as ambitious as my first attempt. It crocheted in squares so it is very easy to take with me. The pattern is very basic - Easy Granny Quilt Afghan. The squares are 19 cm, and oriented on the diagonal. The finished squares are very soft and rich looking - I think this will turn out well.
Pattern: Easy Granny Quilt Afghan. Page 11
Book: Homespun 6 Crocheted Quilt Afghans, by Lion Brand
ISBN: 023032799025
The yarn is Homespun a Bouclé by Lion Brand (not my favourite to work with, too squeaky)
Amount: 169 m /170 gm balls
Content: 98% acrylic, 2% polyester
Care: Machine wash and dry; do not bleach or iron
Colour A (373 Ebony) - 8/8 Squares, 6/6 Half Squares, 4 /4 Corners
Colour B (312 Edwardian) - 1/6 Squares, 4/4 Half Squares
Colour C (320 Regency) - 2/8 Squares
Colour D (302 Colonial) - 1/17 Squares, 6/6 Half Squares

Follow-up post(s): squares are done, memories of colour, slow going

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