Thursday, April 5, 2007

squares are done

I have completed the squares for my Easy Granny Quilt Afghan. It sure feels good! The excitement of nearing completion woke me up 2 hours before my alarm. Now I have to figure out how I am going to connect them together. I have been thinking of a chain stitch that would be visible from both sides. My preference is usually to have an invisible stitch. I'll try them both and then make my decision.

The colour is off in the above pictures - especially the blue. It is more muted and is blue, purple, with a slight hint of green. It reminds me of the colour of blue bottle flies. (I hope this doesn't offend your sensibilities too much - but I have spent many a hot summer afternoon admiring the colour(s) of blue bottle flies. In principle I am not so fond of flies, but when hanging out on my grandmother's farm I accepted them as inescapable.)

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