Saturday, September 22, 2007

Love & Hand Knit Socks

This post is without pictures :o(

My computer is feeling very low these days and will not boot up (hard drive failure I am afraid). So a lot of my spare time will be spent trying to raise her spirits. That means I won't be posting as much as I would like. Wish me luck!

My next series of posts is about hand knit socks made for those I love.

I get immense satisfaction choosing the pattern, considering the size, picking the yarn, and knitting up a pair for those I love. This gesture epitomizes sweet, abiding, true love.

Hand knit socks are love: often taken for granted (until they fail and you are left with a painful blister), intimate (would you knit a pair for the Queen?) and constant through difficult times (i.e., puddles, and snow banks). There is nothing quite so tender as a warm pair of socks snuggling your cold toes on a stormy night. If you listen closely you'll hear their wee sock whispers, "See how much you are loved! The knitter cares for you so much that s/he has made us for you!"

Hand knit socks say "I love you" so very well.

When my computer up and running again I will share some pictures of my sock affairs.

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