Saturday, September 27, 2008

Simply Lovely Corrugator

I love The Corrugator pattern. I have made three thus far (sorry, I have only taken pics of the most recent incarnation). It has all the elements I look for in a scarf: reversible, straight forward pattern, and wearable. Bonus features of this treat include its unisex appeal, the pattern is free to download, and the designer is a Canadian too! Serendipitously, I found out that Paula (a.k.a., the designer) is the sister-in-law of a wonderful coworker of mine!

Pattern: The Corrugator

Designer: Paula of Hired Hands

Source: Free PDF File at

Yarn: Patons SWS (80 gm - 100 m), Medium weight (4)

Colour: Natural Earth x 2 (for the start and the finish); Natrual Wood (for the middle)

Content: 70% Wool, 30% Soy

Needle: 5.5 mm (US 9)

Tension: 17 stitches by 21 rows (10 cm x 10 cm)

My other scarves were also made using SWS. The colour combinations were:

  • Natural Moss (middle), Natural Earth (ends) - My favourite so far. Since the colour variations in SWS can be quite variable, I made certain there was sufficient green in the Natural Earth (to match the Natural Moss).
  • Natural Indigo (middle), Natural Denim (ends)

I highly remmend this scarf. It is a rapid knit. The result is beautiful and makes a wonderful gift.

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