Saturday, September 13, 2008

Know any Basketball Players?

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs

This is a very popular pattern out in cyberspace. I love the look of felted (a.k.a., fulled) wool, and clogs / slippers are a perfect choice for fulling. So I purchased the pattern and attempted to use up some of my yarn stash (click here to see the original project). The yarn to be used is double stranded worsted weight wool. And as you will see, tension (gauge) really does matter! These clogs were to be size 8 men's! They turned out as a Men's 17D!

This is my first ever felting project. Prior to felting my partner had quite a laugh. Quite simply, the un-felted clogs were ginormous! I assured her that felting would shrink them down to size - although, silently I too worried about their size.

Initially I tried hand felting them in the bathtub. That didn't work well. Then I took them down to the coin washing machine in our building. After 3 rounds of agitation ($1.50 a go) I gave up. Yes, the clogs had felted, but they remained huge! I don't know anyone who wears size 17! (Does anyone know if these clogs could be further fulled?)

Here you can see, the finished clog measures 15 inches. I don't know what to do with them except try to sell them on Etsy. Do you know someone who could and would wear these clogs? I have listed them at $5.00 with $15.00 postage. This price is negotiable. Truthfully I would like the postage to be covered - this is not a money making venture.

Now for a lovely picture of how I would like my second attempt to look...

These lovely clogs are knit by Leanne of To Knit Is Divine.


LizzieK8 said...

What kind of yarn did you use?

Ruth said...

Thanks for your comment Lizzie!
The yarn is White Buffalo, Unspun, 6 strands, 100% Wool (unfortunately discontinued - a similar yarn may be found at Custom Woolen Mills Bulky 6 strand. ), 1 cake = 227 gm / 8 oz

Kathleen C. said...

100% wool and not superwash... they should have felted more than that! I can still see individual stitches.
When I've felted before I made sure the water was quite hot and I added towels to increase the agitation.
I don't reccomend it as it was an accident and so I don't know if the effect is controlable but... someone once put a pair of socks I was felting into the dryer. They REALLY felted. Too much in fact for my use. But 15" long clogs... maybe they could stand some dryer time?

Ruth said...

Thank Kathleen. I may try felting them again. I was wondering about trying the dryer too. I think I will try again. I will post my progress!

Leilani said...

You write very well.