Monday, June 4, 2007

Spinning considered

After reading this Yarn Harlot post I now want to spin. Don't tell anyone - my passion for yarn, crochet and knitting already have those close to me worried.

What, more yarn?!

Do you need more yarn?

Yes, yes, lovely, but shouldn't you (fill in the blank) first?

My proclivities are hard to explain to those not besotted with yarn. I suppose, if I stop to think about it, I too am puzzled about why they aren't more interested. Anyway, I have a two bumps of, pre-dyed, Corriedale Wool on their way to me. Apparently corriedale fibers are generally long and therefore a good choice for me, an absolute beginner.
I already have a spindle (well actually more than one) from Ma & Pa's Spindles. I'll let you know how it goes.


Heather said...

It is so funny I came across this post. The other day I was actually thinking of buying a spindle (or two or three) on eBay. I stopped myself because I have so much yarn that I really *should* start using up first :)

Annie said...

I'll be watching your progress with interest, since I'm at exactly the same spot you're in. I have roving on the way, and have a borrowed spindle to practice with. I have produced some rather lumpy "yarn", and have boxes of commercial yarn to use up. But the yarn obsession goes on and on.