Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking for Infinity Soysilk

Canadian Flag Preferably in Canada, eh! I am SO tired of paying duty. I went to the South West Trading Company's website to find Canadian LYS's that carry SWTC products. I emailed a few that are close by, have readily available contact information, or are of emotional significance to me. Here is my email message:

Dear [Yarn Store Name Here];

I would like to order Soysilk Infinity yarn in Natural. Do you have any in stock? What is your price?

Also, do you have Addi Circular Lace Needles (3.5 mm)?

As well, sometime in the future I am thinking of purchasing allhemp3. This yarn is from Lana Knits, a Canadian Company. Their website is Do you carry this yarn?

Thank you!

Ruth (in Ottawa)

Store (in the order contacted)

LocationResponse in 24 hrs.?Response
Wool N' ThingsOrleans ONYes

Infinity: They do not carry this yarn, but carry a soysilk Oasis - $15.50 (220 yards) & Pheonix - $15.50(160 yards)

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Does not carry. Has Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold that contains hemp ($5.95).

EffilochéMontréal PQYes

Infinity: Not in stock, but will check into getting some. They do have SWTC Pure, Karaoke, Gianna and Tofutsies.

ATLN: On back order as these needles have sold out and are currently in production.

LKA: Planning to order.

Ram WoolsWinnipeg MBYes

Infinity: Don't carry, but will look into carrying it in the future.

ATLN: In stock. $21.90 CND

LKA: Don't carry, but will look into carrying it in the future.

Unwind Yarn HouseNew Market ON


Fastest response

Infinity: Carries SWTC yarns but not this on. Is willing to order it for me and gave me a projected cost of $20 CND (I think this is reasonable).

ATLN: In stock. $22.00 CND

LKA: allhemp6 in stock, could readily get allhemp3 for me.

Spun Fibre ArtsBurlington ONNo

Infinity: Pending.

ATLN: Pending.

LKA: Pending.

Cross Stitch CupboardOttawa ONYes

Infinity: Do not carry.

ATLN: Do not carry.

LKA: Do not carry.

Note: Their store is moving this summer and they are attempting to keep their stock low before the move. They may consider carrying these items after the move.

Knit or KnotAurora ONNo

Infinity: Pending.

ATLN: Pending.

LKA: Pending.

Romni WoolsToronto ONYes

Infinity: Do not stock.

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Carry allhemp6 (DK weight) but not allhemp3

Knit-O-MaticToronto ONYes

Infinity: Not in stock.

ATLN: In stock.

LKA: Have allhemp3 AND allhemp6 in stock.

Yarn Forward and Sew On*

Ottawa ON

Went in person

Infinity: Currently do not carry any SWTC yarn but will look into it for me.

ATLN: Are planning to get on their next Addi order. Will put one aside for me if I wish.

LKA: Do not carry. One of the employees is thought to have tried it but the outcome of her review is unknown. If she likes it, they will get it. (She is only there part time and not there on the day I strolled down.

SWTC = South West Trading Company; ATLN = Addi Turbo Lace Needles ; LKA = Lana Knits allhemp ; *My neighbourhood yarn store, they weren't on the SWTC list of stores carrying their products, I just went there because it's close by and I would love it if they would carry these products.
CDN line This post was inspired by:

  • Canadian Living: Guide to organic and eco-friendly yarns, Part 1: Organic wool, cotton, hemp, Part 2: Linen, soy silk and bamboo, plus our shopping guide, by Dayna Boyer.
  • Hip in Hemp skirt pattern (knit in Hempathy, see Wool n'Things at the top of the table)
  • Wendy Bernard's Knit and Tonic Blog Entries: No-Excuse Knitting, and Can the Hemp be all that?

Edited To Add (ETA): Thank you Joanne, Sophie, Pauline and Chery! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness (dare I say kindness). Just so you know, I decided to go with Misti Alpaca Lace Weight in Natural from my LYS. But now I know, Crown Mountain Farms will ship worldwide (very good to know), and I have a few other places to check for this yarn in Canada. For stashing of course :o) !


Joanne said...

Hi... As a Canadian (originally from Kingston, but have lived in Ottawa), I really understand. Now, I'm in Colorado. Email me: I'll help.

Sophie_vf said...

Hi, I saw your post at the MS3 KAL.

I sympathize with the difficulty finding things in Canada!

I'm certain I've seen this at my LYS, but it was at least a year ago. You could try e-mailing them anyway to see if they have it. I would offer to go check for you and send it, but I am *seriously* mailing impaired. (I mailed my Christmas cards out at the end of May....)

Anyway, it's:

good luck!

Pauline said...

Crown Mountain Farm carries it if you're still interested. Here's the link
and here's the shipping policy
Good luck

Chery Mcleod said...

Hi Ruth, Kelowna Yarn and Needlecrafts may be able to get this for you as they carry this brand. The lady's name is anne and she is lovely and will do her best to help you. their phone number is 1 250 860 8801 . I am not sure of the website, I think it is kelownayarnshop but will get back to you on that. Chery