Friday, June 15, 2007

Striped Tea Cosy

As promised, here are pictures of my completed Striped Tea Cosy.

I didn't like the pom-pon scale, nor how it perched on top of the cosy. Instead I attached modified Bachelor's Buttonhole. (as usual, click to enlarge each picture)

With pom pon

Striped Cosy with Pom-Pon (Emu, Pattern No. 6196), 8-cup teapot.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky: Earthy Brown & Canyon Variegated, 1 x 100 g ball each.

Needle: 6 mm Denise Interchangable

Modified Bachelor's ButtonBachelor's Buttonhole (modified), The Harmony Guides 300 Crochet Stitches, Volume 6, p. 72. I didn't make the stem and I used chunky and aran weight yarn to crochet this. I ran out of Paton's Shetland chunky and completed it with an aran weight yarn I had remaining from a previous project (You can see the colour difference).
With button

I like this robust embelishment to the tea cosy.

It is funny, the Bachelor's Button looks larger here than I perceive it to be in real life. Ah well, I like it either way. (The pom-pon looked smaller to me too; almost anemic.)

Granule Stitch

Close up of crocheted Hot Pad, in Granule Stitch, The Harmony Guides 300 Crochet Stitches, Volume 6, p. 36.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky: Canyon Variegated (remants)

The Hot Pad is slightly irregular (that's why I am not showing the single crochet stitch border) but I like the Granule stitch and I wanted to show it to you.

Garter Rib

You're right, this has nothing to do with tea! I couldn't resist showing you this. . . It is some of Noro Iro, Colourway # 44 that I knit in 2-Stitch Garter Ribs from The Harmony Guides 450 Knitting Stitches, Volume 2, p. 18. I really like it. However, I have changed to my own pattern and will be making a scarf (under the influence of Jared's brooklyntweed blog). The needles are 6.5 mm (horrid stuff, I have switched to Denise's Interchangeable Needles).

ETA: This scarf has become the Commuter Scarf!

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a tea cosy like this one for sometime. Thanks for the pattern #.