Thursday, April 12, 2007

guessing game

(as I understand it, amigurumi, translated from Japanese, means knitted or crocheted doll)

Ta da! Here we have a blue crocheted ball. It was going to be a Crochet Cat (Amineko)* designed by Nekoyama. However, I won't have enough of this left over yarn to complete the cat. So I am pondering other options for this future amigurumi. Or perhaps it will remain a large and oddly shaped hacky sack. I'll keep you posted.

ISBN 4391130122
You can see more pictures of amigurumi books at Clementine's Shoes Photos.

*Nekoyama's website contains this pattern in English as well as Japanese.

1 comment:

Di said...

hi- thanks for the link to my pics!
...(although I'm slightly embarassed now because I've never actually made any!.. You're well ahead of me at that with your ball!)