Monday, April 30, 2007

stripe madness

a boy's own jacket

I solved the hood dilemma! After much calculating and pondering of the pictures in Nursery Knits I decided to follow the row increases as indicated for the smallest size. I used the same number of stitches as for the larger size. So the end result was increasing every four rows from 62 stitches to 80 stitches. I then followed the pattern as it is written. The result is perfect!

Now for weaving in the ends. I will have to think twice about doing stripes again! Although I have found Aija's website that details how to weave in ends while knitting. She credits Jennifer "JP" Pett-Ridge for teaching her this technique. This tutorial is very image intensive, so beware if you are currently on a slower server. Here is the direct link to the tutorial So if I do stripes again (I am sure I will succumb, I love the clean crisp geometry of stripes) I will try this method, or I will develop my own way of carrying the yarn along with the new stripe within the salvage edge (I am sure I can figure this out).

My next step for this project is sizing and sewing the zipper in.

Sorry, no knitting pictures today - instead I'll share a beautiful picture of my first Betta Raja.

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