Monday, April 16, 2007

on a snowy day

The Easy Granny Quilt Afghan is done. The finished size is 37" x 54.5". It was supposed to be 39" x 59".

I did do a mini kill of the acrylic (see blocking acrylic). I used an ironing board, an plant spray bottle filled with tap water, an iron set on medium high, a cotton ironing cloth. The completed afghan was bumpy and had curled edges. Here is what I did:

  1. Preset the iron temperature to medium high without steam;
  2. I soaked the cotton cloth and then wrung it out;
  3. Measured the width I wanted the afghan to be on the ironing board;
  4. Started at a narrow side of the afghan and sprayed it damp with water. I did not soak it;
  5. Stretched the afghan to the desired shape;
  6. Covered a section of the afghan with the pressing cloth and gently pressed until the cloth was almost dry;
  7. The rest of the afghan was done in the same manner until completed;
  8. I found that I did not have to press for as long as I did at the start (this may be different if you are using acrylic to make a lace project);
  9. The end result is more well behaved, but a little less lofty;
  10. It can be machine washed & dried and this process does not need to be repeated.

I am still working on the pillow covering. I will post a picture of it once it is completed.

I have a little of the completed project blues. It's done. I am quite happy with the finished product. But now I don't have any granny squares to work on. I have to let go of the perfect dream of the imagined finished afghan. Don't get me wrong, I am happy, but I do have a wee bittersweet feeling underneath it all after deciding it's done.

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