Friday, April 13, 2007

practice - 1

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I did it! I finally got it and did a Twisted German Long Tail Cast On. It actually flowed, with a little practice. It made me smile.

I also have been practicing my German / Continental style knitting. Now this is challenging! After feeling fairly competent, knitting almost any where, fixing problems with relative ease, this new way of doing things feels uncomfortable. Still, I am committed to learning how do this. I just have to feel okay about being so clumsy again. Above is the picture of my progress - a little garter stitch.

"aw how cute, some baby steps"
The tension is all over the place. It reminds me of when I was 8 years old and trying to learn how to knit from a book. I used this horrid unspun plastic Phentex yarn (slipper & craft yarn?). My stitches were so tight. The yarn kept squeaking. And the result was atrocious. But I learned, and I will learn this too. Perhaps next week I will venture on to purling :o)

Today was a gray rainy day and too chilly to be considered spring. Fortunately my Phalaenopsis orchid is still in bloom & budding. I love the contrast between the vibrant flowers and the gray scene outside my window. Enjoy.

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Here are a few more pics...

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