Monday, April 23, 2007

sweater day

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sweater 1

sweater 2

final sweater

Tiny of Tots TV

I completed a sweater in less than 24 hours! Of course it helps that the sweater is for a 12" toy. The toy is my version of Tiny from Tots TV on BBC. When I decided to make Tiny I didn't know anything about Tots TV, I just thought Alan Dart had created a very cute boy doll pattern. So this doll is named Twinkle rather than Tiny.

Twinkle has been one of those projects that took me a long time to decide that it is completed. That is why I made three sweaters for him! The first sweater (see sweater 1) was too small. It fit, but was too short and tight. The yarn was marked as DK but was more likely Sport weight. The second sweater fit (one of my first attempts at converting a pattern based on tension - this yarn is chunky weight) did not please the recipient of the toy - too dark, not blue enough! So I decided to do another sweater with the sport weight yarn. As you can see (final sweater) it fits and is blue! The buttons are snaps in navy and red. Sigh, I think Twinkle is complete!

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Mummy Rivett said...

Do you have a PDF of all the Tots Tv patterns. I am happy to trade. I have several intarsia patterns. I want to make Tilly Tom and Tiny for my Friends Children and Cannot find them.

Thank you.

Mummy Rivett

Ruth said...

Thanks for your comment. The place to find these patterns is on eBay UK.
That's where I got them. I don't have them in pdf.

If you check out the following link you will find a pattern for Tiny. I hope this is helpful.