Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mad Hatter

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I have fallen in love with making crocheted hats. It is so much fun and so fast!

This all started with an odd ball yarn (Clara by Filatura Di Crosa in Melon) . It is a lovely braided 100% wool yarn that is so soft and stretchy. I thought it would make a terrific hat, but for whom? (I confess, my lovely large head does not sport hats well.) Then I realized, I have a very good friend who is trying to grow her natural black hair. She feels it is at an awkward stage right now and loves to wear hats. I now had a project with a purpose!

I started with the Headhuggers There Are Holes In My Hat -- Skully Version pattern. The Clara turned out to be too bulky for this pattern. So, what to do? Go check out the LYS of course! (Note: I made the large adult size of this pattern - 16 rounds)

I came home with Lang Tosca in 059 (gold, orange, rust) and 095 (brown, red). It was so lovely to crochet with and so much fun with the changing colours.

I was having such a great time and couldn't stop there. I went out and got some cotton - Bernat Handcrafter Cotton in Potpourri Ombre. (I also got Sunkissed Ombre and Country Sage Ombre - at less than $1.50 a ball I couldn't resist.)

I learned how to make a Reverse Single Crochet border (see below)

Click to enlargeReverse Singe Crochet Border - At the end of your crochet row chain 1. Do not turn your work (or if you are working in the round, go in the counter clockwise direction). Insert your hook in the previous stitch. Wrap the yarn over the hook. Draw the yarn through the stitch. You will now have 2 loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over your hook again and draw the yarn through both loops. Continue in this fashion to create a lovely border.

Picture 1: (L to R) Tam (variation on Skully) in Tosca 095 , Skully in Tosca 059, Skully in Potpourri Ombre, Mesh Cap (Hooked Hats, 20 Easy Crochet Projects p. 29) in Clara with some Cotton and Tosca.

Picture 2: Side view of the Tam in Tosca 095 (the brim is in Lily Cotton Sugar'n Spice Worsted Warm Brown)

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