Thursday, May 17, 2007

Question 17 0507

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I am trying something different. On the 17th of each month I will post a question for you. I am hoping this will generate some interest and help promote our craft. Please answer by clicking on the comment link at the bottom of this post. Thanks a bunch! (Feel free to grab the Question 17 button for your blog.)


Question 17 (0507):

What is your favourite free pattern found on the web? (Please supply the link.) Have you made this pattern yet?


Me said...

I think my favourite is the Crochet Cat (Amineko). The pattern is found here . I have only made the head. But, since I have already posted on this pattern, I think I should let you know about another free pattern I like.

Broad Street Mittens found pn here: . No, I haven't made these mittens yet. They are on my "To Do" list.

laurie said...

Definitely the Kitty Pi at For sure my favorite free online pattern ever! :)

gabriella said...

hey ruth! this is a great question. i think my favorite freebies are shedir (at, in the special breast cancer awareness pdf issue) and jaywalkers ( - both are extremely well designed and not only look gorgeous, but are functionally superb. if you haven't tried them, definitely give 'em a go! ~gabriella :)

Brat said...

That's the one I make the most of. Helps me finish up balls of thread and they are lovely.

KarenK said...

My favorite: Clapotis from

I'm on my fourth Clapotis; some of my yarn choices more successful than others. For instance, never again with Lorna's Laces "Lion & Lamb" - beautiful but it fuzzes and looses its surface sheen almost immediately. And never again with mohair or anything with mohair in it = shedding and itching. Right now I'm using Brooks Farms' "Mas Acero" which is perfect.

found via Jared's blog said...

Shifting Sands scarf from found here to check out Jared's photo