Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Afghan

I have started on a new crocheted afghan. I am calling it Mangoes for Breakfast.

I don't think my pictures do justice to the colors; the yellow is more sunny. This all started with the purchase of a yarn on sale called Cotton Big Sport - Mango. This bright colour is much zestier than my usual preference. Understandably, it made me think of mangoes and their golden yellow flesh. My thoughts then took me to memories of a dear friend who has moved halfway across the continent. She loves yellow. Every time she moves she paints her kitchen a glorious yellow colour. Then the idea came to me; why not make her a bright, sunny, glorious afghan that pays tribute to mangoes everywhere and their sunshine yellowness?

I have been inspired by posts elsewhere that celebrate these bright colours. Here are some for you to visit:

There are actually many more places and people that inspire this project. There are too many to list (and I have lost some of their links - sorry).

I planned to knit these squares. I considered intarsia squares, centre-out mitered squares, and outside-in mitered squares. Unfortunately the yarn I am using is moslty discontinued and of slightly varied weights. I find that crochet is more forgiving of this and that's how I returned to my standard granny square pattern.

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