Friday, May 18, 2007

Masters in Knitting?

I am so excited! I just stumbled onto the The Knitting Guild Association's website. I didn't know such an organization existed!? And then I found out that they have correspondence programs and a Master's Program that evaluates knitters. I want to sign up immediately. But, I have to say, my knitting expenses have skyrocketed recently (not that I regret my recent stash and library additions) and I just can't do it. Well, this is definitely on my "To Do" list.

Good, one burning question answered. Now I know how Lily Chin earned the title Master Knitter.

Here are a few links that will answer your questions about the correspondence courses and the Master's Knitting Program.


Brat said...

You DO know there's a Crochet Guild of America, too, right?

Just Google CGOA and you'll get right there.

Brat <--- ever helpful :)

Ruth said...

Thanks Brat! Yes I have checked the Crochet Guild of American too.

For those interested, I have posted the CGOA logo and link on my side bar (under Technical Help). They also have correspondence courses!

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