Friday, May 25, 2007

Ottawa Knit & Crochet Group

I have found an Ottawa Knitting & Crochet Group! I am nervous about attending but I am determined to go.

Here is the information for those of you, dear reader, who may happen to be in Ottawa too.

When: Every 3rd Friday of the month after 6 pm (next meeting will be June 15th - I don't think I can go this date, but I will go on July 20th)
Where: Arrow & Loon Pub 99 Fifth Avenue (at Bank Street, in the Glebe.
Show up for dinner and drinks, bring your work with you.
Apparently there is a core group of about 6 people and they are happy to have others join.

The group was formed out of a local yarn store, Yarn Forward & Sew On at 581 Bank Street. Their telephone number is (613) 237-8008.

Perhaps we'll meet there!


Q said...

HI! I was wondering if you knit and crochet group still meets at the arrow and loon pub? It's a year after this post, May 31, 2008, but if you're still meeting, I would love to meet fellow knitters. I contacted the store Yarn Forward and Sew On and they said they have nothing to do with the group which was started by one of their staff. Anyway, I'd love to hear from you either way.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd like to know too. I'm new to the Ottawa area and would like to meet some fellow crafters! Thanks

katietulip said...

Hi There - I'm just wondering if anything like this has gotten off the ground? I'm in the market and would like to start a group there, if one isn't already going. :)